The Lunge Lodge

The Lunge Lodge on the Upper French River

Now that you've joined the new Lunge Lodge Reports web site, tell us a little about you. Who are you? Where are you from? How many Lunge Lodge trips have you made? Anything you care to share.


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HI, my name is John McCullough. I'm a Professor at Clarion University of PA and a Lunge Lodge visitor. A couple years back, I was asked by Mike to work on the Lunge Lodge web site. Although we extensively redesigned the web site, our favorite creation has been the Lunge Lodge Reports Blog. In two years, close to 27,000 visitors have visited and participated in the Lunge Lodge Reports. Hopefully, this new and improved reports site will grow even faster than the original.

We look forward to reading about you and hope to hear from you soon.
~ John
My name is Tony Petras. I met Mike and Todd at the Cleveland Sport Show in 2000. With a year of ownership under their belt and a overly-modest approach to convincing me this is the place to go, I booked a late-May trip for me and my son. I now take two trips each year, Spring and Late Summer. This place is my home away from home and these guys are like a brother from another mother. I began participating on the blog in May 2006, reporting on my personal trips and then assisted Mike by posting select emails received from guests and calling Mike once a week to get a handle on other stories and reports. With this new site, it is my sincere hope we can increase the level of participation and keep the excitement about Lunge Lodge going year-round.
I enjoyed the stay at the lodge last year. Didn't have much luck, but had a great time none the less. I must say Mary is the absolute personality of the lodge.
My name is Tim Murphy, I have been fishing on this section of the French River for around 20 years...time flies..we have a group of 15-30 from Buffalo that travels up Memorial Day weekend every year to kick off the season. The "Walleye King" moniker is a self appointed title to annoy my good friend Joe Nuebert and all of the other guys. I always have a great time at Lunge Logde, regardless of the weather or fishing suceess. Can't wait to get my hands on some of Mary's fine cooking.
I think Tim and I arrived the same morning this past year, could be wrong, but I remember the names. Hope to see you guys again.
My name is Ken Stefan. Been going up to Lunge since 1981. My grandfather had been going up since the 60's, he took me there a number of times. My memories of those trips were great. One of the not so fond ones is constantly trolling, trolling, trolling all day. I never knew you could cast and catch fish!!! He never caught the big muskie he always sought until our last trip there some time in the early 90's. He caught it trolling in five mile bay (44") Of course he looked at me after we landed it and said "see trolling works"!! He ended up taking that fish back to camp with much pride only to find that another guy from our group caught a 48incher. He took that muskie home and we ate it. It wasnt worth it but he said "i spent over 30 years trolling for that bastard, im gonna eat em". He had a heart attack about 7-8 months later.
Back in 1971 as my father was laying in the hospital, the doctor told my brother and I to get in the room as the Priest was reading him his last rights. "John and Gary, I'm sorry the 3 of us never went to Lunge Lodge". You see my brother and I were not into fishing. So I said "Dad, get better and the three of us will go". Well, thats all he had to hear. Two weeks later he was out of the hospital and many months of recovery. My brother and I looked at each other realizing we now "have" to fishing. What a bummer!!!! Well here is 2009 and my 32nd trip. Dads dead, but my sons, daughter and grandkids are all hooked and to this day my dad's seat cushion comes with me every year to Lunge.
Chris Folino

From Hong Kong these days but originally from Cleveland.
Started coming to Lunge a few years ago but had been coming to the French River Region for 27 years. Started with my grandfather, father, and my very young self. I can remember my father running the boat to let my grandfather fly fish off the front in the evenings. These days I run the boat so my father can cast off the front. However, more often then not he pulls a pike on the first catch at each stop before I even get one cast off. I told him we now keep track of team totals instead of individual scores. He just laughs and says "as I did for my father you now do for me, act as my personal guide". Someday I will need to have kids so I can enjoy the perks 30 years from now.

2 Lunge Lodge trips and counting. Next one is this summer.
My father started to go to Lunge Lodge in 1963. He got me hooked in 1972, my sons and daughter are hooked and now the grandkids are hooked. What's nice is the older you get, the more the kids and grandkids do for you. Sometimes it's fun to get old!
My name is Dean Danielson and I live on the eastern shore of MD., about 45 minutes from Ocean City, MD. I have been coming to Lunge Lodge twice a year since 2004. On my first trip in June of 2004, I found out that Mike and Linda lived in MD while Linda was going to the U of MD. In our conversations I found out that Mike and Linda liked eating blue crabs. On my next trip later in Oct., I brought a bushel of live crabs and we had a crab feast at Lunge Lodge. On all my trips since, I have brought crab meat which Mary turns into the best cream of crab soup I have ever eaten, and I have eaten some good ones.

Any way, the "crab man" will be back twice again this year and I look forward to meeting the new owners and Mary turning crab meat into cream of crab soup. I wish the new owner the best of luck.
What a Great Story! God Bless the Grandpa's.......
Kevin Grupp from Buffalo NY here. There is something to be said for all good things come to an end but it's not very often that you meet people of the caliber of Mike and Todd. From the 5 am camp fire endings to pulling in walleyes in one of Mike's secret spots (tim you still are wondering where all the good spots are) it won't be the same without the 2 of you guys. Lunge is a special place for a lot of us and I think back often to the time Artie said to us "you have to meet these 2 guys from Pittsburg, they bought that broken down lodge behind Chaudiere and they are the nicest guys, lets give em a shot". And we did. What's it been? 10 years later and it seems like just yesteday. Time flys when you are with good friends and great memories. Thanks for the memories and the friendship. We'll be seeing you guys for many years. Lots of deer to hunt in upstate NY.

I know I can speak for the entire Buffalo contingent in thanking Mike and Todd for an awesome run. You were terrific hosts and we will always be greatful for making our trips up to the Lunge "the best of times".

Good luck to the new owners. We're looking forward to starting new frinedships and catching even bigger fish. All except Murphy that is. That walleye king name he goes by is kind of like that old Clint Eastwood movie in which Clint says to the guy- "you're a legend in your own mind" ha ha......15 inch walleyes just don't cut it Tim.


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