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Bass & Musky Season Opener

Bob Soles and his friend Fern caught 'a lot' of bass and some smaller pike on topwater.

Dale Jenne's group did well on pike during their stay, with one member, Dan, catching a 38" musky on a #5 Mepps spinner.

Dan Geary's group from Cleveland had a slow week, but they did manage to catch a 40" musky!

Al Buccuti was in for a short stay, unfortunately, they had to leave early due to some family issues at home.

Tim Anhorn brought his wife and family, totaling 5, from…


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Spring 2017 Trip Diary


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Week 3 & 4 highlights

Bill Barrett’s group of 9 from Buffalo came and went after a quick 3 days.  They had fun holding a “multi-species” tournament.  Their biggest walleye went about 24”, so did their biggest pike.  They never got that elusive Sheepshead that had big prize written on it!  Mark ended up the big…


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On to week two…

The Grupp’s and Mike Bode’s group departed Monday, leaving just the Bishoff’s in camp for now.

Lots of small walleye were reported by both groups, with the Grupp’s largest going 24 inches and the Bode’s taped out at 25½”.

The Bishoff’s are in from Pittsburgh and have been targeting pike.  Their two largest so far are 37” and…


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First week underway

The first weekend is in the books, and as promised, the main lodge building windows have been replaced and Maple has a brand new shower!

Mike and Scott are still in the process of getting the rest of the boats in the water, but that’s the extent of preparation chores. 

Guests are officially coming and going.  Brian and Craig, in from…


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Season opener!

With only 2 days left before the ‘official’ opening of the season, Mike and Scott have things under control.  They’ve been aided by Bob Clark who is leaving Friday to attend some meetings  before returning Sunday for 5 days.

All of the cabins (except Maple) are prepped and available for occupancy.  Maple will be…


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Kick off to the 2017 Season!

Preparations for the 2017 Season have begun!  Mike and Scott are at the Lodge now and Steve arrives today.  The weather has made it a little tough to work on some of the outside things.  Also, the water is up and onto the property and there’s been ice on the fixed docks because it’s been cold, and rainy, with some snow showers mixed in.

Mike described the water level by saying it’s right up to the top of the dock (porch) in front of the Beech Cabin (farthest left as you are looking…


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Hit the Rocky once again today.. Started in the morning in North Olmsted with a big sunfish, two steelhead and a small mouth. Then I headed up the west Branch of the river into my home town waters of…

Hit the Rocky once again today.. Started in the morning in North Olmsted with a big sunfish, two steelhead and a small mouth. Then I headed up the west Branch of the river into my home town waters of Olmsted falls and caught one more steelie and a small large mouth bass, a small mouth bass with a rock bass to boot!! Another productive day on the Rock...!! The Best part of the day was watching every fish I caught swim away...Tiff and I will hit the Rock tomorrow for an early evening bite...… Continue

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T - 1 week

I hit the Rocky River again today and had another good day on the Rock...Caught 2 Smallies and 2 Steelies this morning.. I'll be back this week a couple more times before heading North on Sunday..See photos

Added by Scott on April 23, 2017 at 9:10pm — 1 Comment

T-2 weeks.....

T-2 weeks..... Continue

Added by Scott on April 16, 2017 at 2:24pm — 2 Comments

3 New Videos!

Just a reminder, we have 3 new videos that were posted this week on the "Videos" Page.

1.  2016 Lunge Lodge Pettry/Collins Bass Tournament

2.  2016 Muskie Madness Tournament Results…


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2017 Sport Show Circuit

The 2017 show schedule has been finalized.  Representatives from Lunge Lodge will be present at 4 shows this year:

Cleveland: January 13th-15th

Erie: March 3rd-5th

Buffalo: March 9th-12th

Toronto: March 15th-19th

We look forward to seeing you at one of these events!

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2016 Highlights Video (Please Submit Pictures ASAP)

Hello friends of Lunge Lodge!  It's that time of the year again where we recap this year's Lunge Lodge/French River successes and look forward to the 2017 season.  This is addressed to all of the guests from the 2016 season.  I am putting together the annual highlight reel.  I am asking everyone to please email me any pics or video you may have from the 2016 season that you think would be worthy of a highlight reel.  It doesn't have to be just fish, it can be scenery, or anything related to…


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Finally a tool that works

The Folinos have been fishing pike and bass in the French River for 33 years now. The last 16 of them Chris has come home from Hong Kong to spend a week on the river. Last summer he brought with him the prototype for a fishing multi-tool he designed based on our years of experience. Experience including…


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Ain't over yet...

As preparations for the camp shut down continue, Mike found his chance to get out for a little fishing and sent this picture of a 47½ inch musky that he caught on a buzzbait.  He’s back in the Lodge now, anticipating a Steelers’ victory over the…


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September's end

The camp is empty for now.  On Saturday, the Joe Petras group arrives, followed by Bernie and his crew who are expected on the 6th, and shortly after that Maximus Madden and his dad Matt come in for a few days.  Mary has returned to North Bay, so all guests from here on out are on the 'housekeeping' plan. 

Camp closing procedures will begin in earnest and Mike expects everything to be shut down by the 25th of October.

In the meantime, he and Scott have been getting out on the…


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Dave Laurenzi's 46" Musky

This picture was just received, courtesy of Nick Virzi.  His buddy Dave caught this on the last cast of their last day somewhere down 5-Mile…


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Mid September

The Merics reported catching a mid-30’s Tiger Musky!  We look forward to seeing pictures!  Tiger Musky are a hybrid offspring of a musky that mated with a Northern Pike.  These hybrids can and do occur naturally and to our knowledge, this would be a first for the Lodge.  In addition to the tiger, they’re…


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2nd Week of September

The season is nearing its end, but the camp remains active.  The Virzi/Mariano group finished their week and reported 17 musky ‘contacts’, with three muskies boated.  They ranged in size from 36 to 46 inches.  Dave Laurenzi took group honors with the 46” fish caught in Five Mile Bay.

Mike Pettry…


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2016 Pettry/Collins Bass Tournament at Lunge Lodge

Thirteen teams (26 participants) entered this year’s 15th annual Pettry/Collins Bass tournament at Lunge Lodge, held on Monday, September 5th.…


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